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Sahithi Ankareddi

Research Intern

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As research intern, Venkata Sahithi Ankareddi combines her expertise in data science with a passion for fostering inclusive and pluralistic communities. Currently pursuing a Master of Science in Information Science at Indiana University, Sahithi's academic and professional endeavors focus on applying rigorous data analysis to support strategic advising, facilitation, and research for nonprofit and philanthropic organizations. 

At Cohesion Strategy, Sahithi supports critical research initiatives by conducting comprehensive literature reviews, securing full-text copies of pivotal resources, and meticulously analyzing large datasets using advanced Excel functionalities. Sahithi also assists in formatting, sorting, and coding qualitative interview and survey data, contributing to projects that aim to bridge societal divides and promote a sense of belonging within communities. Her attention to detail and strong command of research protocols enhance her ability to provide accurate and insightful data interpretations.  

Beyond her research responsibilities, Sahithi engages with Cohesion Strategy’s communications team, offering additional support that helps amplify the organization's mission. Her work is driven by a belief in the power of data to create more inclusive communities and a better understanding of the diverse tapestry that constitutes society. 

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