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flock of starlings in a murmuration, against a sunset sky

Consulting on
Pluralism & Belonging

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The diversity of the United States — demographic, religious, ideological — is both an asset and a challenge.

Diversity challenges us to understand and balance an incredible array of experiences and viewpoints; it necessarily produces conflict. If that conflict is not well-managed, communities become exclusionary or conflict escalates into hate crimes, high polarization, and political violence. 

But conflict can also be productive; it can empower collaboration and authentic solutions around shared priorities such as religious freedom and racial justice. 

Societies don’t cohere by force. A community, like a murmuration, sticks together when each member finds more joy in it than sorrow. Creating that dynamic is collective work.


Cohesion Strategy partners with nonprofit and philanthropic organizations working toward bridgebuilding, pluralism, and belonging. Together, we can shape diverse communities built on meaningful relationships, strategic collaboration, and productive conflict.

Our Services

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Advising on strategies for success in a pluralistic world, and supporting pluralistic approaches.

Developing partnerships across lines of difference for the common good.

Working through internal values-conflicts in complex situations.

Identifying mission-aligned funding or grantees.

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Planning and facilitating convenings, conferences, and other events for participants from diverse backgrounds and viewpoints.

Developing programming that moves participants through conflict toward effective collaboration.

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Performing nonprofit landscape and academic research.

Partnering with specialists in other fields to produce original research.

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Supporting small teams with project management, budgeting, and internal communications, in support of your mission and goals.


Developing mission-aligned fee-for-service programming to support nonprofits’ bottom line.

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Speaking on religious and ideological pluralism, bridgebuilding, integrity in complexity, and social cohesion.



Advising on the landscape of philanthropy and religion, and religious and social pluralism. 

We tailor our process and approach to respond to the specific needs of each client.

The Flock

For individual advising or strategy sessions at the introductory rate of $240 per hour. To discuss larger projects, please email me at

Clients and Advisees

Current & Former Clients

Interfaith America

Fetzer Institute

Multi-Faith Neighbors Network

Long Island Unitarian Universalist Fund at New York Community Trust

Kaufman Interfaith Institute at Grand Valley State University

Aspen Institute Inclusive America Project

El-Hibri Foundation


Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement, Faith In/And Democracy initiative


Who We Are

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headshot of Allison Ralph
Allison K. Ralph, PhD, Founder & Principal

A thought leader in religious pluralism and social cohesion, Allison brings 20 years’ experience in strategy, research, and nonprofit and philanthropic leadership. She previously worked at The Aspen Institute Religion & Society Program, where she served as Assistant, Associate, and Interim Director of the program and Director of its Religion and Philanthropy Initiative. She also managed events at the El-Hibri Foundation and The Catholic University of America. Allison has a PhD in church history from The Catholic University of America, and an MPhil from Cambridge University. Her graduate research focused on how societies manage or fail to manage their internal diversity, and how they create and maintain social boundaries.  

Abbie Haug, Communications Manager

Abbie looks forward to leveraging the power of storytelling to increase audiences and expand awareness of Cohesion Strategy’s work on pluralism and belonging. Abbie is currently a Masters student at Harvard Divinity School, focusing on religion, ethics, and politics. She previously worked at The Aspen Institute Religion & Society Program, where she managed the Powering Pluralism Network.

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Venkata Sahithi Ankareddi, Summer Research Intern  

Sahithi combines her expertise in data science with a passion for fostering inclusive and pluralistic communities. Currently pursuing a Master of Science in Information Science at Indiana University, Sahithi's academic and professional endeavors focus on applying rigorous data analysis to support strategic advising, facilitation, and research for nonprofit and philanthropic organizations. 

Recent Blog Posts

“Starlings’ murmuration consists of a flock moving in sync with one another, engaging in clear, consistent communication and exhibiting collective leadership and deep, deep trust. Every individual bird focuses attention on their seven closest neighbors and thus manage a larger flock cohesiveness and synchronicity (at times upwards of over a million birds).”

Sierra Pickett, from “Emergent Strategy” by adrienne maree brown

flock of starlings in a murmuration, against a sunset sky

Contact Us

We’d love to talk more. Please contact us to set up an initial consultation.

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